Pennsylvania Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals

1st Quarter Central Regional Meeting

  • 23 Mar 2018
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Lehigh Valley Cedar Crest, Kasych Pavillion

1st Quarter Central Regional Meeting

Lehigh Valley  Cedar Crest, Kasych Pavillion ECC#9

1200 Cedar Crest Blvd, Allentown PA 18105

Hosted by Karla Bachl and her team

“The Key to Reaching the Empowered Learner” 

After lunch we will be working on crafts for State Conference

Don't forget to bring your beach themed item for our State Conference Gift Basket!

The Key to Reaching the Empowered Learner

Continuing to do the same things in the same way will typically give us the same consistent results.  But in today’s growing healthcare environment, continuing to do things the same way may not allow our departments to keep pace with our organization, making us irrelevant. 

How can we empower our volunteers to approach their roles with motivation, confidence and ready to tackle the task?  How do we do more with less?  While we all decry the lack of resources, are there better options available to stay abreast with our company? 

Chimae Cupschalk, Organizational & Leadership Development/ELearning Professional at Lehigh Valley Health Network, will be presenting an interactive education session at next week’s Central Chapter Meeting, entitled, “The Key to Reaching the Empowered Volunteer.”

In our conversation, Chimae said, “We developed this program at Lehigh Valley because we realized that our Leadership development was only catering to the upper half of the organization, that left 16,000 without we development at all.  We revamped the program to bring learning to everyone, developing it for the modern learner – that’s all of us.  We wanted to concentrate on the commonalities and strengths of the five generations represented in the workforce, and give them the tools they need to grow.”

Cupschalk will be working with volunteer directors to see how that same concept applies to our multigenerational volunteer base. 

In addition to the people skills, she will also be “unpacking and exploring technological tools and platforms to enhance and support individual, team, and organizational performance while improving results.”  How can we let available technology do some of the grunt work of our jobs, so we can concentrate on planning, interviewing, and coaching.

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